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Bicycle Tour Adventures #38

Pictures and Stories About Bicycle Tour Adventures

Selected Images from Colorado Day Rides, Ride Events or Club Rides;
By Bicycle, 2008-2011

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Deer, near Elizabeth, Colorado. Hydrangea. A-10 Warthog. Yellow Button Sun Flowers, Great Plains east of Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Wild Iris, Black Forest, Colorado. Terry and the Bee (da Vinci Tandem).
Mural, downtown Colorado Springs. Pueblo, Colorado, Arkansas River Trail: Greg and Debbie. Mural, south downtown Colorado Springs. Mural, south downtown Colorado Springs.
Big Bucks hiding in the shadows, Black Forest, Colorado. Berries in the sun, Colorado Springs suburbs.
Wild Horse Mural, Railroad Building, downtown Colorado Springs.
Birds of Prey sign, Arkansas River, Pueblo, Colorado. Dennis, Terry, and the Bee; Black Forest, Colorado.
Terry smiles while her husband is fighting for his life. . Yellow and White Daisies, Sage, and Purple Penstemon. Left-Rear Foot Print of a Black Bear Cub, Santa Fe Trail on the USAF Academy.
Adventure Cycling's Leadership Training School, May, 2009, Salt Lake City, Utah. Teenage Fox, Black Forest, Colorado.
Autumn in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Antelope: About 10 miles SE of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Old Cruiser Bike on pedestal. Field of Wild Irises, Black Forest, Colorado.
Lightning Death Twist. Colorado Blue Bells (aka Penstemon), forest's edge just SW of Black Forest, Colorado.
Lightning Scar down the of a Ponderosa Pine. Fat Tire Beer. Midnight Bicycle Ride called the Starlight Spectacular (June, 2011).
The Bee and Hydrangeas, Elbert, Colorado. Well Lit Cyclist, Midnight; Starlight Spectacular. Cincocycle - 5 cyclist bike. Riders behind us at a stop sign.
Early morning Deer standing on the side of the road, Eastonville, Colorado. Fawn hidden in the tree line.
Elephant Rock Ride. Garter Snake, Black Forest, Colorado. Cold Ride with NCSC, near Falcon, Colorado, February, 2011.
Antelope between Elbert and Black Forest, Colorado. One of the insulators is a Peregrine Falcon.
Colorado Springs Cycling Club at Criterium Cycles, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Colorado Springs Cycling Club at Arcacia Park, Colorado Springs, Colorado. North Colorado Springs Cyclist (NCSC). Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods, and Kissing Camel Rock at Colorado Springs.
Sample bike Ride Map. Saint Patrick's Banner Carrier for the Colorado Springs Cycling Club (CSCC).
Saint Patrick's Day Parade preparation. Bird Sculpture made from old/used Horse Shoes. North Colorado Springs Cyclist (NCSC), near Castle Butte, Colorado. Allen, Ron, and Terry at Mc Cabe's Brew Pub, Colorado Springs.
Rest In Peace old friend of animals. Life Imitating Art - Terry.
Terry, Red Racer, and two Palominos. East of Kiowa, Colorado, looking west. Buena Vista (Colorado) Bike Fest. Buena Vista (Colorado) Bike Fest post ride beer party.
Lovers Lane in Manitou Springs, Valentine's Day Ride. Does on the roadside.
Amarillo Prickly Pear Flowers. East of Kiowa, Colorado, looking west. Terry and the Bee are visiting a Cafe/Gas Station, Kiowa, Colorado. Dennis and Terry Struck on a bicycle ride.
Near the forest's edge in Black Forest, Colorado. Cristo like array of high voltage wires, east of black Forest, Colorado.
A true country store Peyton, Colorado. Near the El Paso County line, heading west. We're south of Castle Rock, Colorado. Old cabin, left over from Fort Lincoln, Huntsville, Colorado.
Assault on the Peak (Pikes Peak). Assault on the Peak (Pikes Peak).
Heading south along the front range of the Rocky Mountains. Warning Sign, heading up Pikes Peak.

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