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Moutain Bike Tour Adventure #1

Pictures and Stories About Bicycle Tour Adventures

10th Mountain Division Trail, Uncle Bud’s Hut,
By Bicycle, Colorado, USA, August, 1995

Terry beside Leadville, Colorado’s Turquoise Lake.     Dennis, after we summitted and removed some gear.
We started from a National Forest Campground on Turquoise Lake, near Leadville, CO. The trail for Uncle Bud's cabin starts from a perpendicular point from the lake road and proceeds more or less straight up hill. It took us about 3 hours to get our bikes up to the cabin. We were carrying gear and food (no tent) and it took us about 30 minutes to ride down.

Alpine Hut available for public use, by reservation.     Dennis and Terry Struck, on Bud's deck.
The 10th Mountain Division Hut System is available to the public. It was formed by the original owners and managers of the Colorado Ski Resorts, as most of them were comrades in arms in the famous 10th Mountain Division that trained in Colorado before shipping out to Europe for WWII. After the war, these guys used to ski the back country to visit one another (partay!). After being stranded in a storm or two, they decided to build alpine huts like their Alpine European peers.

Addendum (added ten tears later): This was our very first web page. It originally evolved only as an excuse to learn HTML (later followed by XHTML, CSS, Javascript, and even some ADO, ASP, and Java). The reader may note a combined improvement in presentation, story telling, and page coding as time progresses. The pictures, here, were from 35 MM film that was digitized, as we could not originally afford a digital camera. This page was set up for 24 K Baud twisted pair (dial up) modem connections and it took a while to load and view these images. After a while, we realized that we could share our rather popular bicycle touring tips and camping checklist handouts. Now the checklists are the most visited pages at the site and the site is consistently number 1 to 3 on most popular search engines (Bicycle Touring Checklist). We are happy to share our experience and lessons learned over the years. Also, picture wise, this is probably the last time that Dennis' stomach will be that flat.

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