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Bike Adventure #24

Pictures and Stories About Bicycle Adventures

Blue Ridge Parkway (Segment),
Skyline Drive, Shenandoah National Park, Virginia,
by Bicycle, Sept-Oct, 2008
Tandem Bicycle Tour

Fall Leaves. Fall Leaves.
Fall Leaves. Fall Leaves.
Tandem & Fall Leaves. Tandem & Fall Leaves.
Shenandoah National Park Gateway. Skyline Drive's Highest Point.
Dennis and Terry go trail side. Tunnel.

Black Bear. Black Bear & Cub. Bobcat. Turkeys.


We actually saw these animals in nearly this same scene, but have no pictures.
All four of the above animal pictures are images borrowed from the Internet,
as we didn't have a fast enough reaction time to take our own picture(s).

We had three bear sightings, all from the road (vs trail), and one sighting was a Mama with a Cub.

While riding the tandem uphill, Dennis saw a Bobcat jump up on top of a stone wall, 15 feet in front of the moving Bike. Dennis and the Bobcat had immediate eye to contact. What was amazing was that the Bobcat was a solid dark gray with virtually no cat striping or shading, but all of the traditional bobcat tufts, puffs, and features were present. By the time that the bike was within 9 feet of the Bobcat, it jumped back down the stone wall. We stopped the bike in the next second and peered over the stone wall, there was no sign of the cat. Poof.

Deer were so common that we soon quit taking pictures of them.

Dennis saw four Turkeys on the roadside while driving.

Deer hidden in fog. Deer hidden in fog.
Deer, dead center (and Smoky Mountain fog).

Foggy Raod. Foggy room view.
da Vinci Bicycle Assembly . da Vinci Bicycle Assembly.
Da Vinci Tandem Bicycle Assembly (and Tampa vs Dallas Football Game - Yeah Satellite!).
Pictures not in time sequence order.

Breakfast in America. Early morning bike tour start.
Early Breakfast, Early Start.

Mountain in Fall Colors. Roadside lunch with a view.
Fog in Sheandoah Valley. Roadside Break.
Dark Hollow Falls. Dennis & Terry at Dark Hollow Falls.
Blue Ridge Mountains.
Why they are called the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Fall Leaves. Roadside Break.
Snack break. Big Meadows.
Fall Leaves. Picnic Lunch.
View from Pilots Seat. Fall Leaves.
Lewis Mountain turn off. Morning Light.
Roadside Snack. Our Cabin.
Big Meadows Lodge. Lodge View.
All Tour Plans went into effect as desired and there were NO Injuries!

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