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Mexico Adventure, Page 3

Pictures and Stories About Bicycle Adventures

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Round Trip
Through Punta De Meta Via Bucerias,
By Bicycle, February, 2007

Cable suspended walking bridge. GI-Joe dolls floating in mini para-sails.
DAY 8, Agenda: On the Eighth day, we finally do the tourist thing in downtown Puerto Vallarta. We are mainly visiting various artist galleries in the late afternoon (Terry is in conference during the morning up to Siesta time). We have an invitation to attend a Fiesta in the evening.

Above Left: This is a cable suspended walking bridge. There are missing planks and loose planks. This bridge connects Old Town with the New Town, keeping in mind that New Town is over a hundred years old. Walking across the bridge is a challenge because it is always moving laterally.

Above Right: At first, it looks like people para-sailing over the water, but in reality, it is GI-Joe sized  dolls  Action Figures floating in mini para-sails in a beach breeze.

Old home beams with dignity. Post Box, Mexican style.
Above Left: At one time, this would have been the home of a well off family. The old home beams with dignity.

Above Right: Post Box, Mexican style.

Fiesta's Twirling Dress Dance. Fiesta's Ending Ceremony.
Above Left: Its Fiesta time. We sit with two interesting retired gentlemen from St Louis, Missouri, who seem to take advantage of Elder Hostel program tours. It was my impression that one or both of them were widowers. They were telling us that they were frustratingly returning from a fractional-share marketing presentation (its a variant of time-share resort ownership). This fact is important because the Host and MC of the Fiesta kept making jokes about fractional-share marketing demonstrations and the Host got thunderous applause.

The food was as one would expect, traditional Mexican dishes. Terry was fascinated with a kind of shredded coconut paste desert mini roll. Terry is always looking for new and different foods and dishes.

The Fiesta Entertainment included lots of dancing (traditional wooing, engagement, wedding, machete and knife, viva la revolution, hat dance, formal, and casual) but oddly, to Dennis, no Flamenco. We speculated that maybe Flamenco is too Spanish and not Mexican, but we just don't know. There was a dancing horse and the same horse did some jumping, bowing, and standing on stage. There was both a traditional Mariachi Band, a modern three piece group, a solo Wood Xylophone, and some very well done solo songs of love and life. Pictured is a twirling dress dance which was a swirling rainbow of colors and shifting patterns.

Above Right: This is the Fiesta's ending ceremony, lots of fire works, noise, and twirling sparklers. Just prior to this, we got to see different aged kids, from youngest to the oldest, take swings at a Piñata. It was quite entertaining.

Marina of Puerto Vallarta. Neptune, Humpback Whale, and Calf.
BikeFriday, Neptune, Humpback Whale, and Calf. DAY 9, Agenda: Morning picture junket by Dennis and Evening Dinner at the Restaurant Panorama (the Last Supper).

Top Left: This is the actual Marina of Puerto Vallarta. There are easily a thousand boats here and this picture is of the more common smaller boats. There are many 100 Foot Plus Yachts in this Harbor. By now, we have run into many Americans and Canadians that spend their winters here and about. It gives pause to wonder because this is the first year that Dennis got tired of shoveling snow at our Colorado Home.

Its about five minutes before sun rise. Fish could be seen feeding in the pristine water. Dennis was riding his BikeFriday foldup bike (sans trailer) around the pier walk and a few boat captains, crew, and passengers stopped to talk and ask questions and remark at how convenient it would be for them to have a similar bike onboard. One person took a picture of the monotube bike name, BikeFriday, just to capture the bike company name so that he could look it up later on the internet.

Above Right: Famous Statue of the Humpback Whale and Calf at the entrance to the Marina Drive. Neptune (or Poseidon) sits on top of a local marina arts store. Neptune and the Whales just seem to belong together.

Left (Red Border): BikeFriday, Humpback Whale, Neptune.

Table and view at the Panorama Restaurant. Pirate Ship riding into the sunset.
Above Left: Our table and view at the Panorama Restaurant, Terry smiling.

Above Right: Pirate Ship riding into the sunset. Nothing like a 12x zoom on a good camera!

Flame cooked Mexican shrimp. A Toast from a Happy Couple.
Above Left: Flame cooked fresh caught Mexican shrimp.

Above Right: A Toast from a Happy Couple, Teresa Y Denisito.

Bananas Flambé. Bananas Flambé well presented.
Above Left: Bananas Flambé. What else!

Above Right: Nice Presentation.

Puerto Vallarta at Night. Puerto Vallarta Airport Check-In.
Above Left: View of Puerto Vallarta at Night (looking westward from our seat in the Panorama Restaurant).

DAY 10, Agenda: We make an uneventful flight home.

Above Right: Who could ask for more. Another successful journey. After taking this picture a guard politely asked Dennis not to take anymore pictures - Si Señor!

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